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Specialised in aluminium extruded profiles and aluminium fabrication, we offer one-stop services from design, tooling, extrusion, machining, surface treatment and assembly services.

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Workshops covered from die shop, billet casting, extrusion, CNC centre, surface treatment to laboratory, which would fulfil your requirements on good quality aluminium products.

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Our aluminium products widely applying to industries such as: energy powder system, architecture, transportation, auto parts, precision electronics, daily consumer goods and so on.

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Professional and competitive leading manufacturer of aluminium extrusion profiles and aluminium fabrication in China, we choose RoHS certified aluminium material and YG8 die cutting material, which ensured better surface of your aluminium extruded profiles, more stable dimensions, and even higher precision tolerance. Compeleted manufacturing machinery and well trained team, advanced production technics, ensured productive, effective and quality.